Leg Injury


Our physiotherapists assess and treat various conditions which may affect one's ability to move and function optimally. 

Common conditions treated: 
Neck Pain, Vertigo/Vestibular problems, TMJ (jaw) pain, Shoulder injuries, Mid/low back pain,
Hip/knee/foot and ankle problems,
Osteoarthritis, Sports Injuries,
Motor Vehicle injuries  

Neurological Conditions such as:
Parkinsons, MS, Stroke,Head Injury,

Other Conditions such as: Vocal dysfunctions, scoliosis, postural problems

Monica Kilpatrick

Barbara Sherwood
Chris Morin

Kayla Toner

Danielle Savoie

Chad Gale



Swedish Massage techniques help reduce tension and increase flexibility, prevent injury, overcome effects of surgery, correct postural imbalances and manage stress. 

Josiane Haggerty

Janis Anderson



Charles specializes in pain and mobility management. He is certified in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture.

Most commonly treated pain conditions are :
 - Lower Back Pain
 - Sciatica Pain
 - Hip Pain
 - Shoulder & Neck pain (or Tightness)
​ - Frozen Shoulder
 - Knee & Elbow Pain
 - Trigeminal Nueralgia
 -  Headaches (Migraine, Tension Headache)
 - Musculoskeletal Pain

Charles Lee



John specializes in custom foot orthotics and orthopaedic footwear. He combines personalized service, experience and technology to provide patients with the best possible custom products for all foot and ankle related issues. 

John Hooper